When we hear the name Rolex, the first thing that comes to mind is one of the world’s most renowned watch producers. Unlike discussing the luxury watchmaker, our point of attraction for this research is a cannabis strain called the Rolex Hash Moroccan.

Rolex Hash Moroccan

Considering this strain has its roots tied to Morocco, the Moroccan Rolex Hash is a premium AAA+ and unique cannabis strain. One that is of the highest of quality produced in morocco and credited for its blonde hash, beautiful light hue sandwiched by a marvelous aroma, subtle sweetness as well as a sharp and spicy kick. This indica strain owns THC resins and possesses fantastic sedating and painkilling effects.


Although this strain strives in hotter climatic conditions, it is still cultivated both indoors and outdoors. Regraded as the Casablanca Moroccan Hash, this strain emanates from the largest city in Morocco, Casablanca. Unlike most strains, the Rolex Hash Moroccan requires extra care and attention and needs to be cured regularly in other for the humidity of the strain to hit its optimal level.

Aroma and Taste

As earlier mentioned, this cannabis strain is defined by its subtle sweetness and a sharp, spicy kick. When it comes to its scents, the Rolex Hash Moroccan carries an earthy, herbal, wood-like smell


While the THC and CBD levels of this strain carry varied opinions by physicians and researchers in the domain of cannabis, finding shows that this strain possesses a THC level of about 15% and CBD level of less than 1%.

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Some of the effects and medicinal potencies associated with this strain include.