Malabar Mushroom

The Malabar Magic Mushroom or the Malabar Coast Mushroom is a unique mushroom strain roots is traced in the Indian coast of Malabar around 1500 BC. This unique shroom strain is cherished for being a prolific fruiter and for its ability to grow and strive in warmer climates. When cultivated indoors, it is challenging for this mushroom strain to fulfill its growth potential. However, when cultivated in the wild, the situation is different and favors the Malabar Mushroom as it grows, exceeding well and large. Also, researchers attribute this growth to the fact that the Malabar grows in Elephant dung, which is excellent manure for the Malabar to strive.



Malabar Mushroom

As the case with specific strain on offer today, the Malabar Mushroom strain is easy to grow, making it ideal for baby growers. Ideal for indoors and outdoors cultivation, the Malabar mushroom strain strives in very moist and fertile ground. And is known to produce bountiful harvest every in wet seasons. With a very high potency, researchers claim it isn’t very high but serves the purpose for which it is intended.


Being an easy to grow mushroom strain, the Malabar also possesses a beautiful grow pattern, especially aesthetics. Its Puffy white mycelium going is that mimics the hair (white hair) of an old college professor makes everything about the strain fun and interesting. With fruits like a cunt, the Malabar comes with a couple of bins, both fruited around the edges.


Like most mushroom strains, the effects associated with them vary from one person to another and the Malabar mushroom strain isn’t any different. Engineered by its high psilocin and psilocybin concentrations, this shroom strain takes effect when consumed slowly before hitting full gear. After consumption users of this strain attest to having full vivid colors and visual effects.


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