Golden Teacher Mushrooms


The Golden Teachers Mushroom strain is one of the very many delicious mushrooms on offer today. With conflicting information regarding its inception, some researchers believe that a Golden Teacher specimen was found randomly growing wild in Florida around the mid-1980s. Unlike most strains across the world, the discovery of the Golden Teacher spread faster than usual thanks to its recognizable golden caps with a touch of yellow speckles on them. Compared to other strains, the Golden Teachers are very large and elegant when it comes to appearance.

With very little information surrounding its inception, some researchers believe that the Golden Teachers was a Hawaiian PES, which was later renamed by a Dutch grower. To them, all of this occurs because, before the full hits full maturity, the entire shroom becomes yellowish in complexation, which later vanishes as when maturity starts to kick in.


Golden Teacher Mushrooms

The Golden Teacher mushroom strain has been in existence for ages and has continued to shine since then. This classic spiritual strain has been around since the dawn of time, and gifted with shining yellow-gold caps sandwiched with wise teaching makes the strain what we know and see today. If cultivated properly, the Golden Teachers Mushroom growers should expect the medium size to large mushrooms sandwiched with extensive caps to match. All of which makes it ideal for spore printing.


Like the many strains on offer today, the Golden Teachers has been a grower’s favorite for years. Growers are thrilled while cultivating this strain because it grows in significant flushes. Amongst other things, psychonauts love and remain delighted by the strain because of the psychedelic journey, these mushrooms are known sandwiched with the profound impact it possesses.

Benefits of the Golden Teachers Strain

The Golden Teachers is a unique strain and one, which comes with a wealth of benefits when consumed. With that said, some of the benefits associated with the consumption of the Golden Mushroom is reflected in its ability to

  • Help persons with bad habits
  • Connect the brain on new levels
  • Enhance creativity
  • As well as boosts your mood


What sets the Golden Teachers Mushroom strain apart from other strains is the high psychedelic effect this strain possesses, which makes this strain not so ideal for magic mushroom newbies. However, this strain is known for its spiritual or shamanistic properties rather than solely ‘’tripping’’.


  • Heavy: 5.00 grams and upwards
  • Low: 0.25 – 1 .00 grams
  • Medium: 1.00 – 2.50 grams
  • Mild: 0.25 grams
  • Strong: 2.50 – 5.00 grams

Additional information

Dried Mushrooms

1 Ounce, 14 Grams, 3.5 Grams


Golden Teacher (Psilocybe Cubensis)