At Leafly Garden, we are a group of compassionate growers and cannabis lovers with a collective end goal; we believe that all Canadians should have access to the highest grades of cannabis, cannabis products, & CBD’s no matter their social status, income or medical needs.

Over the last 20 years, Leafly Garden has literally done it all when it comes to cannabis farming; we have a little catchphrase, “Seed to Oil” From germinating seeds to taking cuttings from mother plants and even as far as cross-breeding specific strains to create unique 1 of 1’s. Leafly Garden has a quality control system in place to ensure you are getting only medical-grade products regardless if your needs are recreational. We have a lab division that constantly tests new ways of producing extracts from our beautiful cannabis plants. We are on the next wave and constantly setting new par levels you can rest assured that we know everything from our “Soil” PH level to the THC percentages in our “Oil”

In addition to providing a variety of the highest quality and potent products at competitive rates, we here at Leafly Garden strive to add convenience. To make your life easier we have created a virtual menu with high-quality photos of the exact product you are ordering along with a secure online ordering platform. Take a minute and register for your secure private account – this will allow you full access to our vast selection of superior cannabis strains, cannabis products, and CBD products plus more.

Leafly Garden is a community-based co-op of individuals that understand daily expenses and living costs; we have a flexible menu giving our customers options. Keep an eye out for daily specials, weekly coupons, and senior discounts.

At Leafly Garden our policy is security; our products ship in smell proof double-sealed mylar bags right to your door with options of signature or no signature if you have a secure box. We ensure satisfaction by testing all our products with our in house team. We only sell products that we would purchase ourselves; you know quality is on its way to you when you order from Leafly Garden.